Supratek Cabernet Preamp

Now that Supratek is out of business who can I get service from? When I turned on my system got a loud pop out of the loudspeakers but no sound. I checked the 4 amp fuse and it is good. I took the pramp out of the circuit and ran direct from the CD player and everything is fine. Something in the pre is amiss, what can I do?
i'd suggest you contact mick and ask him how to contact kevin covi. he was mick's us partner and is fairly quick about repairs in my experience. sorry to hear about your cabernet. is it a dual or a single?
Thanks for the info. Any idea on how to contact either Mick or Kevin? Any email addresses or phone numbers would help. The Preamp is a Cabernet Dual.

Hi, If you contact these Aust guys-they should put you in the correct place.
I personally did not care for the Suprateks--too slow-even the Bent TVCs blew them away.
Kevin Covi's e-mail address is

Mick's e-mail is
Actually, it's
crubio is right. kevin changed his email about a year or so ago and i forgot it. i'll be putting that in my address book.
Kevin is awesome, FYI. I had a problem with my phono stage in the Syrah, and he got it taken care for me immediately. He also added an HT bypass to my Syrah.