Supratek Cabernet Dual on single wire speakers

I own a set of DIY 2-way speakers (based on a Kharma design) driven by 2 OTL pwer amps from Aitos (Dutch tube amp builder). Source is an Audio Note 3.1x Signature DAC.

Which means I'm missing a pre-amp :-)

Does it make sense to purchase a Supratek Cabernet Dual? My speakers are single wire, only have 2 (mono-)amplifers. Or is this sub optimal at best?
It is a great preamp I am not sure why you think it would be a bad choice. Obviously you have to get one used and I don't know about service in case of repairs. Although since it's maker declared retirement from the market there seemed to be a price dive on them. Has Mick come out of retirement?
The one I'm after is 2nd hand. My main worry is whether this pre, designed for bi amping, will perform satisfactory in a 'normal' system.

I'm less worried about price or resale value.
I heard the Supratek yesterday evening on the seller's (single wired) system, and it is magic. Decided to buy it, now I just need to install it into my own system.

Very much looking forward to tonight....
Concerning repairs on Supratek, my question is since Mick has "retired" why won't he supply schematics for his designs? I have requested via e-mail several times for a schematic without any response, this is my concern. So far as reliability is concerned, I have had no issues in 11 years.