Supratek..Cabernet 6SN7 or Cabernet DHT

Hey all, I’m trying to decide between the two LS. I’ll be using the First watt SET-3 as my power amp. VPI prime with Lyra Delos cart. I
listen to a lot of classic rock, classical and some jazz. Any suggestions?
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+1 @facten would especially like to hear about a comparison between the two typologies. Nice that you can just switch back and forth...
I am currently using a BHK Pre with the FW SIT-3 and wondering if anyone has compared the Supratek to the BHK ? Anyone paired the Supretek with the FW amps and can tell how they match up ? The SIT-3 due to its low gain need a bit more drive. 
Made the order, a DHT/6SN7 Cabernet will be joining my system in 3 months time, really looking forward to it. 
Just hooked up my DHT/6SN preamp.  Listening thru the 300B tubes now.  Not even warmed up straight out of the box it sounds good.  It is larger than i thought with a separate power supply.  Definitely a nice looking preamp. Have about 2 hours of listening on it.  I have been listening to Don Sachs preamp.  

Will report back after about 300 hours of play time.  Gonna have to alternate with the 6SN output.  
I'll be very interested to read your thoughts on this preamp. Also curious about any experience you have rolling 300b tubes.