Supratek..Cabernet 6SN7 or Cabernet DHT

Hey all, I’m trying to decide between the two LS. I’ll be using the First watt SET-3 as my power amp. VPI prime with Lyra Delos cart. I
listen to a lot of classic rock, classical and some jazz. Any suggestions?
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Looking forward to your impressions of the pre, I am traveling the same kind of road, was lucky to catch a private sell of a Belles SA-30 Class A amp, hopefully get it next week, plan is to buy a Supratek Cabernet to go with it, Nick says the amps should be perfect for each other, I have looked at a lot of power amps the last two years, but mostly been thinking about class A, nearly bought the Luxman L590Aii intergraded amp, but was afraid I would miss tubes in the pre section too much..... Tubes..They can be annoying to maintain.... But the sound they make, makes it worth it.
Yeah, Mick is great, always ready to answer questions one has, does not matter how stupid !
Unfortunately I am not in position to take him on the offer he has at the moment,  concerning the Cabernet, hopefully the offer still stands a bit later in the year, I am sure the 6SN7 is the tube for me, but being able to choose is very cool indeed.
Yes I am really stoked that I got the Belles, the seller was a true gentleman and the buying experience was top notch, now just have to hope the cargo company takes good care of it.

For a Cabernet pre there is a 3 months wait now, not sure about the other models!