Supratek a new thread on the "deal of the century"

Hi to all

Just ended reading the "deal of the century" thread. Impressive piece of information! I have a couple of questions for you on the Charodonney (no phono) preamp:

1. How much ins and outs has the stock version? And what type (single ended, balanced)?
2. The remote (extra) is made of plastic... No other option avaliable (like chrome)?
3. Last but not the least: the sound. A huge percentage of the comments on the former thread do not refer to the SOUND of the preamp, which is natural (since most of the people was still waiting for the equipment). So what about:

bass (boominess) and highs (sweetness)?
air between the instruments?
speed and impact?
and overall sound (and warmth)?

There are plenty of "ins" and "outs"... not sure of the total, but there would be enough for your amp (out) and tape or processor (out), CD player, aux, secondary cd player, etc. The preamp was designed as a single-ended pre, and I think probably works best like this, but I have heard of some people ordering custom pre's with the balanced ins/outs, but the pre wouldn't be a true balanced design.

The Syrah to my ears is not "warm", but not clinical or dry either. It's sound is more "pure", transparent, and very dynamic (i.e. impact is phenomonal). I've made several nice upgrades over the last 3 months, and the combination has left me speechless when listening. Even to the point of tears welling up... With NOS tubes, the highs are indeed very sweet, very smooth, and the bass is well controlled (not boomy).

I believe the Syrah was a major part of this improvement in sound. I'm sure the Chardonnay would do the same for you. The remote is plastic, and cheap looking, but it works very well (you don't have to strain to point it at the preamp), and serves it's function. It doesn't bother me, because the sound is just so breathtaking.
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