Can anyone tell me why Audiogon deleted the Supratek the Pre Amp Deal of the Century, and the Supratek Rectifier threads…?
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Hi Charlie,
As a new Supratek owner I read that thread in some detail before finalizing my decision to buy a Cortese preamp. I was saddened when that thread,  which had over 26 million views,  was deleted. 
All I can tell you is what I read in the FAQs that explain that moderators sometimes delete threads for various reasons.  I'd rather not try to paraphrase that info.
I, for one,  wish that thread would be brought back. But maybe it takes up to much space.  
BTW, there is a new thread for Supratek owners to post questions and info on... hope you visit it and make it better. 
Unless someone finally miraculously found out how to embed photos and videos on this site, I can't believe storage could be an issue. I just saved this message in a text document on my computer and it took up 1kb. My old ass phone has 32gb of storage, enough for 32,000,000 messages.
And honestly, it's just flat out wrong that they would delete such a contribution. Delete posts as need be, but not something with that much information. 
I discovered Supratek by chance when I came across that thread back around 2002 or 2003, not sure of the year. I had just bought a brand new BAT pre amp from Upscale Audio and was waiting for it to arrive when I discovered that thread. After reading it all the way through I was hooked, I flipped the BAT without ever unpacking it and a VAC pre amp that I had and bought a Syrah pre amp. I don't know how many times I posted in that thread but I know I was in there, plus I read everything I could about 6SN7's. I ended up with a pretty good stash of them, as well as W.E.350B's. The magic combo was 350B regulators, Tung-Sol 6SN7GT black glass, Bendix 6106 rectifier, and W.E. 417A in the phono section. Just gorgeous sound! My Supratek Pinot phono stage is in transit from Australia right now. But I have no idea when it will get here as Mick gave me no shipping info such as tracking. He isn't big on communication which is a bummer, maybe he is really swamped? I don't know.

I really wish I could read through that regulator thread that was takin down, I missed out on that one. 
Has anyone contacted Tammy regarding the removal of the thread? Maybe she'll restore it, or at least provide some explanation for why it was removed.

As an early contributor to the thread and previous owner of a Supratek preamp--thanks in large part to the informative posts in said thread--I agree that it is a shame that it was taken down. It's an absolutely wonderful read, one of my all-time favorite Audiogon threads. It would be great to see it reactivated.
@waltersalas agreed. They should bring it back. I don't see why agon needs to be in the book burning business.
To my Knowledge it was not removed by the Moderators. Does anyone have the full title of the thread or the OP's Username? 
Hi Tammy. I just sent you a note on this very subject. I believe the title of the thread was "Preamp Deal of the Century." I also believe that member "slowhand" was the originator.

I hope that helps!
Deal of the Century?  - well the title appeared to have the requisite amount of hyperbole to be a popular thread
Yeah, I was pretty skeptical, too. Then I actually tried one and my skepticism went away.
Sounds promising.  Thanks for looking into it Tammy.
Well this has the potential of being wonderful. Thank you Tammy! 
Could you please look into the second half of my question as well, the Supratek Rectifier thread that was deleted as well...?
The title IIRC is "preamp deal of the century"  slowhand is the op.
I guess Tammy went on a two week vacation. There went my high hopes.
Please, let's all collectively try to stay on top of this. That thread... Well, I never actually managed to get through every single page. But I read and enjoyed many. I'd love to see it resurrected. 
It is huge. I followed it day by day as it was being written, as well as posting here and there. No way otherwise could I have gotten all the way through. The rectifier thread is just as important to have back. 
How do we keep in contact with Tammy,  the admin,  in this?
I don't have the answer to that question, wish I did.
Just curious if you checked out the thread titled something like"Supratek tubes and tube rolling for everyone". That thread is still alive and well on the site...
Yes I found it, thank you.
Just an FYI--

The Preamp Deal of the Century thread is back up. Many thanks to Tammy for her work in tracking it down and reactivating it. It's a great thread and it's nice to see it back again.
Just saw that, wohooo! Thanks Tammy!
 this really makes me happy! Now I think I just need to figure out how to download a copy so I can always have it and read it at my leisure.