Supratek ??

The preamp deal of the century?. is the supratek live up with his title?.I ask couple of the local high end dealer , but they have no idea what is it. is it worthy the wait and price. thanks for all advice
I have had mine for less than 1 month. Other than it's out-of-this-world good looks, it is one of the finest sounding preamps I have ever listened to. Friends whose hearing I respect and who have outstanding systems of their own have been floored when they listened to mine. Remember, mine isn't even broken in yet. I suggest you take the time to read through the thread.
I'v had my Chenin for about 5 or 6 months now and after a break-in period of about 50 hours it sounds great. The sound is open and transparent. Records sound fantastic. It is a noticeable improvement over my Conrad Johnson PV 12 which cost almost the same price as the Chenin when I bought the CJ 7 years ago
I've had my Syrrah for about 2 years. Probably the best audio purchase I've ever made. Have upgraded almost every other component since its purchase & it still isn't running out of steam.

There are other threads that can go into the details of the sound (you can tell I like mine), the wait was not so pleasant (5 months) and then, in my ignorance, getting surprised when the bill came for the import duties was not so fun, but at least Mick was a pleasure to keep in touch with.

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I took my Syrah to a local dealer, Deja Vu Audio, for a minor repair and when I went to pick it up they had hooked it up to give it a listen. They were quite impressed and when I then told them it had originally cost $2500 and was now $2900 they were floored. They were thinking it easily was over $5K and thought it wasn't quite as good it was pretty close to a $5000 linestage only preamp they had custom built. Vu has great ears and that's good enough for me. Then factor in that it looks great and is a conversation starter, what's not to like?

I'm so glad to read that you're keeping you Syrah besides sticking with vinyl for the time being. Hell, even if you dump the vinyl the linestage alone is worth owning this truly wonderful piece.

Bought my Chenin to primarily get back to spinning vinyl, as I was running my Wadia 861 CDP direct into my CAT amps.

While the on-going debate exists between those who prefer a CDP direct and those who do not, I can attest that the Wadia sounds better through the Chenin. Whether that's a commentary on the Wadia, or the linestage, it's certainly a statement about how well the Chenin adds rather than detracts.

However, since getting my new vinyl rig, the only time I insert a CD is to see how bad it sounds when compared to its LP counterpart.

Vinyl's somewhat more of a hassle, but man, am I having a blast with it. I having more fun than I've ever experienced in my 30 plus years of being in this hobby, and the Chenin is providing a big chunk of that enjoyment.
I have purchased 2 of them, a corteses and a cabernet. Others have also. They are excellent quality preamps and represent a great value for the money invested. Whether they are the right preamp for you is dependant on your personal preferences and your other components in your system. You shouldn't have any problem selling it if you didn't care for it.
I own a Syrah and it was a dramtic improvement over a Bat-30
preamp. They represent a great value in the audio-world.
I sold my turntable 6-7 years ago as it only got in the way of trying to enjoy CDs. At the time 20 and 24/96 remasterings were just coming out and the future of digital looked quite bright. Problem was that every time I played a good record on the old Scottish T/T (and, no, it's not the one you're thinking of) I couldn't listen to CDs for days.
I had a Syrah about three years ago. I think it was the second in the country. It is very good, especially the 417A phono stage. There are several better units at about the same price, such as the Exemplar Exception II and the H-Cat P12A, which is far an away the best line stage I have ever heard.
Can anyone give me an idea of the cost of having one of these shipped to the US including duties, etc? Does FedX take care of it and deliver to the door?
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Mine was delivered to the door on the East coast for 130.00 shipping, 150.00 duty/customs fees.