Supra wire impressions vs. WE/Dueland wire

I have been using Mogami 3103 cables for my 25' speaker runs and have had no complaint with my McCormack SS amp and Spatial Audio M4 speakers.  Intrigued with the extensive reviews of the WE/Dueland wire on Jeff Day's blog, I had my pal wire me up a pair of 1 meter IC's with the vintage 20 ga WE stranded and tinned copper cloth-covered wire.   While they don't quite eke out the inner detail of my $600 Von Gaylord Lemaa IC's, for 1/10th price, they are very musical and I could live with them in my system happily.     

I recently got 50' of Supra Ply 3.4 speaker cable to compare to my Mogami wire.  The Supra cable is similar in construction to the WE/Dueland wire, but with a PFTE jacket, which I need because I run the cable in the crawl space under my house.  Both cost ~$4.00 a foot.  My take is that this Supra wire really is a worthy SQ improvement in my system.  Before I hooked up the Supra wire, I felt I needed the LF of a subwoofer, but not with the Supra cable.  It is overall well-rounded and very detailed, with excellent extension. It is clearly more involving than the Mogami cable.  It is far more lively.

So, if you are interested in checking out this "old school" tinned copper wire that Jeff Day has written so extensively about, you might find the various versions of the Supra wire similar in performance to the more expensive Dueland/WE wire.  The pedigree is quite similar.  

I've always felt that. I've used Supra 3.4w speaker wire and read about WE cables with similar construction . The Supra uses high purity copper with more strands, is tinned as well, and delivers a very musical presentation. Bass was never a problem using the Supra cables. At the price they're a steal.

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I agree with nonoise 100%. I use the Supra Ply 3.4W (wide) and could not be happier with the sound. Not only great sound and value, they are easy to work with and terminate.
Nice to hear Nonoise chime in as I I chatted with him before I made this post and we both like this wire.  I have had a lot of budget wire in my system and this Supra Ply 3.4 wire really provides some sparkle to my system at a very modest cost.  The LF response is quite amazing.  
I have used the Supra wire in my Loudspeakers for several years now.
The Copper is a very high purity almost 6-9s Copper which is ultra pure.
The tin over each strand eliminates the Copper  from oxidizing .
Excellent bandwidth and reasonably priced.
I have been using the Supra Sword speaker cable in my system for a very long time.  It has been on loan from a friend and he now wants the cables back.  I had them new termination installed because I had them so long and I'm a nice guy!   Another friend send me 16 gauge WE cloth tinned wire to try, I had made power cords from the WE wire but never got around to making speaker cables.  They sound very involving also.  I have not compared the two as the Supra's are out for the termination. Overall great sound especially for the wampum.  I'll have to read about the Dueland part of the equation though.  Thanks for sharing and Happy Listening.   
I got some vintage WE 14ga. wire yesterday and got it hooked up to my bedroom system.  From the first note, I was seduced with the warmth of the sound with a bit more robust bass than I experienced with my Von Damme cable.  It has a profoundly "analogue" or tube sound to it.  As I have said before, it sounds right!   It is similar to the sound of the Supra cable I am using in my main system.  Tinned stranded copper wire seems to have some magic, at least to my ears. I bet this WE wire will sound better after 100 hours of play!
Our fellow respondent, bigkidz, likes this Supra Sword and I can see why --- I bet it is outstanding.  I just roughly priced it up with 25' runs I am using compared to my Supra Ply 3.4 cable and it works about to be around 10X the price my Ply 3.4.  The Ply 3.4 is a bit under $4.00 a foot and the 14ga. WE wire I got was right at $2.00 a foot.  Supra wire is wonderful, but the vintage WE wire is sheer bargain and very similar in performance to my aging ears.  Just my take.