Supra Swords or MIT's

Just wondering if any one has compared or switched from either Supra Sword speaker and matching interconnects to a full set of MIT cables ( please give model no's etc) or visa versa and can comment on the differences heard. Thank you in advance.
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Hmmm not to many responses! maybe I can put it another way. If you had around $2000 and had to chose between either Supra Swords speaker and interconnects ( 2) or MITs ( whatever you could get for the same amount) which would you go for and why. Thanks again.
I would go for the Supra Sword cables. I heard the speaker cables in my system and was impressed.
Supra Sword, without a doubt. I call them the poor man Nordost Valhalla.
I have heard MIT's mid line stuff, and Supras next to the top Speaker cables... Well... Bottom line the supras ESPECIALLY for the money is un-touched. Best cables made for dollar per foot available, can't go wrong as mentioned above, very natural and non distracting cable.
Cable recommendations are very difficult to make as each system is different and what works for one system does not necessarily mean it will work in another system, additionally, everyone has there own tastes as to what sounds best to them. Each of these recommendations are very sincere and I am quite sure it works fine within there systems and they are quite happy. I have always found that the MIT cables have had a particular synergy with what ever system I have owned, It seems to be due to these cables having switchable impedance networks which enable you to match the impedances of your electronics as well as addressing the many additional interactions between your electronics and speakers, enabling you to extract the optimum performance your electronics and speakers are capable of. This correct matching can often make MORE of a difference than changing other pieces of electronics. I suggest you find a dealer who will let you AUDITION the MIT cables within your price range in YOUR system, I am pretty sure you will be quite impressed and your search should be over. In addition, because of our crazy hobby we tend to change electronics quite often in search of the holy grail, one great advantage of the MIT cables is that if you do make a change, you can adjust the impedance of the interconnects to achieve maximum performance with your new electronics, thus saving the cost of a new set of cables to help match your new electronics or speakers. Of course you will probably upgrade to the more expensive Mits, but that is the nature of our hobby.