Supra Sword speakercable:

Hallo out there,
Do any one have any experiences with Supra Sword speakercable?
It's the best that I've found so far.

After reading the HiFi+ review and year end award I tried it. I ended up upgrading every single component and wire since, just to match its quality.

Check out my system and you'll see what gear I've ended up with, all because of the quality of the Supra Sword.

VERY good cable - wish I never sold my pair. (financial reasons)
Any other comments on the Supra Sword speaker cable? I need to get another pair of speaker cables for my 2nd pair of speakers and have read good things about these. There were comments that the Swords equal the Nordost Valhalla in terms of speed and detail and beat it in terms of musicality. Is this statement true?

I have used SPM Reference speaker cables and now use Pure Note Cerulean, both decent cables.
Ryder, I've had Supra Sword speaker cables for nearly two years and have never regretted the choice. They perform as advertised and as reviewed. I lent my pair to a friend who ran them between his YBA amp and Rogers LS3/5a (now Penaudio Charismas) and he bought a pair within weeks.
Thanks for chiming in Astock. It was much appreciated.
I have had many of the supra cables up and down the line...
Best bulk wire and finished cables I have heard to date...

Always have a more relaxed and natural sound, one of the best in Bass, much like the reputation cardas gets, but they still excel in details without loosing warmth. However FAR cheaper, and in my opinion in some ways just better cable and more universal in use from system to system.

Its honestly shocking how underground these have been for so long, definitely a hidden gem, but not quite yet a household name for the audio fanatics.
After purchasing the Supra Swords speaker cable and listening to them in several different system configurations, I must say that for me they are a keeper. The musicality, huge dynamics, and overall pleasing asthetics, along with reasonable price, leaves me feeling quite pleased with having purchased them. Please note, I submit this commet based on my sytems, and what I am hearing, your mileage may vary but overall one should expect favorable results.
Digite seu texto ...comprei há 2 meses uns cabos supra sword de 3m e atesto que a qualidade das imagens sonoras é de enorme qualidade, muito clara, de grande dinâmica, com fortes baixos. Naturalmente que esta minha opinião resulta da experiência auditiva com o meu sistema e com as minhas seleções musicais.