Supra ply 3.4 vs classic 6.0

Any experiences? I am thinking about going from ply 3.4 to classic 6.0 since they were recommended by so many Merlin TSM speaker owners, which are also speakers I am using. But is there any difference between these two?
I believe the Ply 3.4 is 12awg and the Classic 6.0 is 9awg.
It looks like your Merlin are 8ohm nominal, going down not lower than 6.5 ohm... An easy load. So you may not benefit from the lower resistance of a mega large wire like the classic 6.0, unless your length requires it.
With the ply 3.4, you have more than adequate awg and you have a lower inductance than the classic because of the cable construction... I would stick with the ply, it looks like it is the better cable, but hey classic 6 is less than $4 a foot, so it may be worth the try, and your sound will possibly change if that’s what you are looking for.
Agree with chrisr.  As a generality a heavier gauge is better but there comes a point where there is no longer any benefit.  How long are your speaker cables?   
Cardas Clear Lite was recommended by Merlin Music along with a couple of other manufactures denoted in the TSM Magic owners manual

I agree with most of what has been said here. I have used the Classic 6(12' pair) for a few years now, very reasonably priced and works well with my simple setup. I could have easily gotten away with less, maybe the Classic 2.5, but bigger is better, right? Not really, just half teasing there.

I tried the Ply 3.4 in my system, and it too is a great cable for the money. If I had to say anything about differences that to me were audible, it would be maybe a slight more detail and very slight extended upper end. I do find my Classic 6 to be maybe a touch soft in the upper end, but very smooth.

Most of Supra's products I think are great value, not hifi foo. FWIW.

I wonder if I should use money for the cardas golden series cables since they were recommended, what benefits could one expect from going from 50usd supras to 1000usd cardas(Second hand)?
Tele09, if you have no worries throwing money on the cardas, It is a good experience.  If your hifi is on budget, i would not bother with it.  Yes the cardas features a really nice arrangement of wires in that cable, a marvel from a manufacturing standpoint,  but really, can this be audible, if there's no difference in size?
Good point, I will test few different cables first before throwing money away, to see if I can actually hear any difference. Can't complain about the ply 3.4, just interested to see what's the fuzz is about with expensive cables.