Supra Ply 3.4 speakers cables Users?

I am about to give an audition to a set of Supra Ply 3.4 bi-wire speaker cables made in Sweden by a company called Jenving. Had not heard of them before, but have decided to give them a whirl based on a recommendation from as dealer whose previous advise has worked well for me. Anyone else have experience with these? Would be interested in how they sounded with whatever gear on which they've been tried.
Currently use Supra speaker cable and power cords.
Replaced Transparent. Very natural sound, vast improvement over the Transparent in every area.
I do not think they overempahsize any area, very easy to listen to, flexible and very well constructed.
For the cost, they could be the best value in cables today.
Re: the power cord, I auditioned one costing 2and half times more but bought the Supra.
Hope this helps.
Tom T.
Thanks, my audition pair will arrive tomorrow and will be driven by a McCormack SS amp and a Kora Eclipse (tube/hybrid) preamp. With what are you driving yours? The Kora has mellowed the McCormack beast nicely, so neutrality is what I am looking to find.
Currently using a custom made Supra 3.4S cables.
Very detailed and speed.High impedeance cables.
Check out TNT-Audio review on the cable.