Supra High-Speed USB 2.0 A-B

Anyone that bought one of these.  Experience.  Please share.
They appear to be well built and less than $ 100.00
I have a Supra on my P-J S Ultra. All that it's ever had. Sounds super. $41.
The only "high speed" they carry is HDMI and Display port.
Generally I like Supra cables.  But IMO their loudspeaker and power cables are their sweet spot.

I used Supra USB cable for quite a while.  Following suggestions of others I found it was outperformed by inexpensive cables from Monoprice and Audioquest, specifically the Monolith and Pearl USB cables.  Each of these is a solid core cable which I think is to be preferred for a digital cable.

Seeing how better performing (but not necessarily more expensive) cables can improve SQ, I eventually went to solid core silver at a very reasonable price from China.  That improved my SQ considerably.

Of course the quality of what you have at both ends of the USB cable can help reveal cable differences.