Supra Classic 2.5 vs 4.0

I purchased a Technics amplifer which is like new, so i am not doing my usual in changing the speaker terminals for better ones. I usually used the tellurium copper Mueller Electric terminals. The Technics terminals are the plastic twist type. I cant use my silver plated copper cables with those.

Supra are tin plated they are better for this. The Technics is 40/w channel and I will be using 1.5 meter 5ft per channel. The speakers are my ESM (modded) bookself.

I was steering towards Supra classic 2.5, though was curious what the extra size of the 4.0 would have on the sound, maybe thicker wire would be too bassy. My silver plated cable is 14awg, and the other is a combo of 14/16awg silver.

I can't speak to how the Supra 4.0 would sound but I have the 3.4W and the 2.5 and the 3.4W is a big step up in sound quality. I don't use either anymore, which is not a knock on Supra.
Supra is fairly inexpensive so if you like the Supra house sound (which is very pleasant and easy on the ears) then going for the 3.4 might be what you're looking for.

All the best,
Thank you, Nonoise

Years ago i had supra ply3.4S with my large speakers and it was please and very good and musical.  My cable of choice today is 14awg Alpha silver plated copper with Hirshmann Tellurim copper bananas

Since i need a cable that will not oxidise much i am back looking at Supra. So it sounds like the 3.4W for the amp