Supporting Heavy Virtual Dynamics Power Cords

Hi Folks,
As much as I like the Power Cords from Virtual Dynamics, the weight and loose fitting female end of the cables does present a bit of a problem. Currently I put a sponge ball between the rack shelf and the power cord near the connection to the device. In essence one for the CPD, one for AMP and one for the PRE. Just wondered how some of you are compensating for power cords that do not fit snug into the back of devices. Other than that the cables are great (using Masters LE 2.0 Power Cords).
I wrap Blu Tack around the female connector. It makes the connection snug, but you still might need to support the weight of the cable with something.
I have a low rack ( no I am not an elderly woman ) so I use 2 large Porecelon Telephone Pole Insulators ( 8" high ) Works Great and looks good too..............
I have the same problem with Synergistic's Master Power Couplings. Very stiff, and heavy. My rack has a u-shape grill at the back-center, which I tie a dowel wrapped in wire-loom covering to. I then tie the power cord to the dowel. This works very well for me. Without doing something along these lines, there is trouble indeed.

Here's a retain clip that may work

This doesn't fit all types (round vs square) type male IEC plugs ... but I'm sure you can fudge something together
Thanks for the tips so far folks. Some very good ideas. Perhaps a combination of a few tips will work.

Thorman - I like thing about the old woman - LOL.

The VD cords do pose quite a bit of a problem. Firstly, they need to be pre-bent into shape so that the female end can roughly fit into the socket of the equipment. To secure the female connector, I use CD cases and folded paper sheets to support the connector. I know it's little unprofessional but that is the only way I can think of to prevent the connector from sliding off the socket. I have tried blu-tack at first but without any form of supports beneath it's virtually impossible to secure the connector to the socket of the equipment, not to mention the cord was actually pulling the whole preamp off the rack without the support!
A couple of other folks have e-mailed me their suggestions and like I said earlier it will be a combination of ideas. I like the idea of wrapping some quality electrical tape around the IEC. This will make the connection a lot tighter. Bending the cords is also important as this decreases the weight in specific areas. I also believe the IEC end of the cable needs to be elevated. I may look for some matching (color) foam pipe insulation from my local hardware store. I am thinking of cutting a section that would run underneath the PC from the back of the device to the edge of the rack. The last thing I need is a damaged receptacle on expensive piece of equipment.
I have cable lifts that I made for my speaker cable, I just made them higher to let my powerscable rest on. (I have the revelation and two nite platinum power cable) I make my lifts so that they don't put a strain on my eltronic I also changed all my outlets in my listen room to hospital grade outlet, the plugs fit really tight with hospital grade outlets
I use stacked cardas myrtle wood blocks under my PC connectors... and for my VD ICs, except on the amp. For that I used a paper towel cardboard roll because the amp is on it's own stand and high off the ground.

That's actually a great cheap way to support cables... the cardboard tubes from paper towels and TP. Just cut them to size!