Supporting Amp/Preamp for Klipsch KLF 20's ?

Greetings to everyone and Merry Christmas.

1st, I am a neophyte and know nothing about audio equipment. However, I love to listen to clean, crisp sounding music at volumes that are a little louder than the average person more likely than not enjoys. That said, I have been through 3 receivers (blown) by driving a very nice pair of Klipsch KLF 20's that I absolutely love. I've read some of the forum discussions regarding 'crossovers' and different types of amplifiers, and I don't understand most of it.

I would like to know how I optimize sound for the speakers with supporting equipment. I am a pretty good online investigator, but I'm not even sure what to investigate. I've also seen options ranging from $5000 and up; I'm priced out of this category for my solution. In other words, what's my 'best bang for the buck' set up for my Klipsch KLF 20's that sit in a room that is 15' by 40'?

Thank you in advance for all of your expertise and help.

" Greetings to everyone and Merry Christmas."

And the same to you.

You own yourself a very revealing, some would say accurate, loud playing pair of speakers.  They are beasts that really like to stretch their legs with "quality" amplification that your everyday AVR(assuming) may not be up to the task, hence your torched three receivers.

Are we talking a multichannel rig or stereo rig?

One thing I will say is that you do not have to spend anywhere near $5000.00 to get your KLF-20's to sing.

Thanks for your response Bill. I want nothing but music pulsing through these speakers; just something that can allow them to 'stretch their legs' as you say, without torching the amp/receiver.

I don't have any other speakers connected, they sound great by themselves.

I am eager for your suggestions,


Are you interested in an integrated amp?  How much $$$ do you want to spend?


I'm sorry but I don't know the nuances between amps, integrated or not. I was hoping I could find a reasonable solution between 1K to 2K at most.

An integrated amp is a preamp/amplifier built into one chassis.  Usually of higher quality than a stereo receiver and without a radio tuner.  Some have built-in DACs.

Take a look at an NAD C375BEE.  Plenty of gusto to drive your 20's and within your budget range.


Thank you very much for taking the time to respond. I shall follow your advice,....., my well deserved Christmas present to me.

Merry Christmas,

Robert, I will 2nd Bill’s recommendation. I own the NAD 326BEE (little brother to the 375) and think it a very good integrated.  Enjoy!
Robert, if I'm nor mistaken those are 100dB speakers. it means you don't need a lot of power to drive them loud even though you have a very large room. If you like "clean, crisp sounding music" you should try a tube amp with your speakers.

Greetings again everyone,...., and Merry Christmas again,...., it's been almost exactly one year since I made this original post.

Such as life, I have not been able to replace my torched amps yet,...., but I am revisiting this topic with current vigor. I want to hear some music over the holiday season. 

I have the option to purchase either NAD C275/C326/or 356//BEE models. Zoya previously mentioned 'tube amp' which has sparked my interest.

Could someone give me the overview of 'tube' vs 'integrated amp' as it relates to "clean crisp sounding music"? Also, what tube amp would be appropriate to drive the KLF 20's?

Thank you in advance,


Robert, Based on your indicated NAD model options it appears that your budget may have been reduced. No problem there as your speakers are very efficient. I would think the NAD 356BEE to be a good choice, providing a little more power than the 326BEE ( I own this model) for your quite large room and loudness preference.

I do know that many like to drive Klipsch speakers with tube electronics however in your case you seem to like the sound you were getting from your Klipsch models (which i am not familiar with) using SS receivers and the NAD integrated should represent an improvement. I am not sure that a tube integrated is the best choice for an 'audio novice' with your budget. One tube integrated that comes to mind is the Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum which can be had used for $1300-$1500. It is rated at 90wpc, is US made by a good company, and highly regarded in it's price class.
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Greetings again to everyone. First, I want to thank everyone who responded and made such excellent recommendations. So, the state of the union is this:

Over the holidays I became busy with life and taking care of my family, mother and father, leaving my Klipsch KLF 20's on a long vacation consisting primarily of dust collection. Low and behold, while visiting my brother in Vancouver, we 'struck a deal'. I would purchase a welder for him in exchange for his parasound HCA 1000 amp and pre-amp (P/SP-1000) which he would ship to me in Chicago. OK, so fast forward until now when I finally received the pre-amp and amp,......, my brother is a lazy $%%&^%.

So, I 'hook everything up'. Fail,....:-(

Distorted sound and 'popping' :-(

Consult manual and get lost in impedence, 8 Ohm vs 4 Ohm resistance, bypass, etc:-(

I wish to connect my speakers for music only,...., playing CD's.

I need some advice on how to connect everything appropriately from CD player, to pre-amp, to amp. I know this is remedial for everyone here,...., not so much for me:-)



I would suggest reconnecting the speaker wires, paying close attention to make sure no strands of wire are touching across speaker and amp binding posts....then try a different pair of RCA cables between the preamp outputs and amp inputs....if there is still noise try a different cable from the source to the pre also