Support Questions.

Hi to everyone,

This my first post so bear with me. I've been looking at upgrading my current CDP(Nad541i). I'm currently looking into the Arcam CD73,JoLida JD100a with a level 1 mod,Music Hall MMF cd25 with level-1 mod, and lastly SF CD-1.

The only player that I can physically listen to is the Arcam the rest are online where my question rests. Of the members who bought the mentioned players how was the support. I don't have the chance to listen to any tube gear so I'm afraid if I buy the Jolida I just might be stuck with it. How easy was Underwood Hifi to work with.

On a side note which player would you choose from the above mentioned ones and why. My musical tastes center on mostly easy listening with classic rock ie Floyd,Rush,Journey etc...

Many Thanks
Welcome to the forums. You will find lots of opinions on each of these units and in addition to what follows i suggest you try doing a search here in Audiogon's discussion forums using key words like 'Jolida'. There is lots here.
Walter Liederman, owner of Underwood, is an awesome guy. I doubt that you will find a disappointed customer. I've bought from him multiple times.

Thanks for the feedback I've already read posts concerning all of the players but nothing on the issue of returning or servicing such players. I guess I'll bring up my concerns when I talk to Underwood Hifi.

Thanks again