Support for Linn digital streamers from dealer network on used equipment

I've been looking to purchase a new media streamer that can connect with a NAS server and stream digital content to my system. I've looked at various products, including Aurender, Naim and Linn, to name just a few. I'm very new to the move towards digital content on networks / servers, and away from CDs, although I've been streaming content from iTunes for a few years now in lower resolution format. I was interested in acquiring Linn Klimax or Akurate DSM units listed here on AGON, but when I spoke with two different NYC area Linn dealers, both told me that they do not support (for a fee) any Linn product acquired used. Hence, the question that I have: since Linn provides little information on configuration or integration to NAS servers for their media streaming products, choosing instead to rely on their specialist dealers to do this, how can there be a market for used Linn products which require such expertise, if Linn dealers decide to not support this, even on a paid basis? I called the U.S. distributor for Linn after getting a response back from them via Linn's web site, and after giving me the name of one of the two dealers who told me they do not support products not acquired new from them (which might also include original owners who relocate into their market), and they have yet to return my calls. Does anyone understand this service model, and just wondering how Linn would expect the resale values of their products to hold up if every one of their dealers refuses to provide support for those who've acquired Linn products via resale channels such as AGON?
good question.  There are some people here who are familiar with the Linn streamers.  I suggest you reach out to them in a separate post and I'm sure they'll give you some help. 
Good luck.  
You will find a lot of useful info on the Linn forum, also from Linn dealers as me. Btw, there is not too much to know in order to make it work as the Linn streamers are almost plug and play. Fell free to contact me for further details.

I completely agree with Katylied, Linn streamers are very easy to set up.  If you search the Linn Docs section of their website, you can find what you need to get you started.  And for further help, the Linn forum is a great source of knowledge.

Here is how I personally proceeded: I bought a NAS with a mediaserver embedded.  Plugged it in my Router.  Ripped all my CD's with Dbpoweramp (this is fairly long...).  When I got my streamer, I unboxed it, plugged the ethernet cable, the interconnects, the power cable and 10 minutes later music was playing.

I am sure that depending on where you are located, you can find a Linn user to help you if you buy him a beer or a glass of wine...  :)