support for heavy PC?

Just installed a new Synergistic Blue UEF HC pc and have a noticeable difference in the sound presentation from my Classe integrated amp but, the weight of the cord is the issue for me. The cord is 7' long to the outlet and the outlet is 13.5" above the floor level and is inserted into an Oyaide SWO GX+ outlet (the amp resides in a Sanus stand and is 25" H at the IEC input). With the weight of the cord once inserted in the outlet doesn't stay fully inserted unless supported in some way in order to stay as such. Has others found a solution to this type of problem, cable risers aren't tall enough to help me out with this and I don't want to spend a mint but, would like it to be able to have wf acceptance too. Has anyone else run into this type of problem and how were you able to solve it? Non foolish responces would be most helpful.
All things that will help to hold the plug in. The only one that will do that AND make the setup look better AND sound better all at the same time is to support the cables on risers. Risers are simple and cheap to make. Mine are MDF shop scrap but you could use wooden dowel with an acrylic base to look real nice. Also the ceramic insulators do not have to be generic white like mine there's a huge variety on eBay all of them with a large screw hole underneath to accept a riser, and the whole thing can be painted any color you, excuse me your wife (the boss) likes. 

Speaking of which since it seems this is all up to her why not just put her on? Cut out the middle man, er, party.
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Thanks to all for your responds and ideas hadn't thought of a couple ways to do this but the info you've given sure helps as I need to get a support in the range of 14' tall but rotating the outlet 180 might work and if that doesn't then... you've helped with alternate ides. Thank You all for the useful suggestions.
Using any type of hardwood you can make an I beam at the height you need to support your AC cable at the wall.
jwpstayman, Thanks for reminding me I could do that! I turned the outlets 180 degrees yesterday (finally) and it works great. Thanks also to everyone that recommended ideas for a solution to me, I took all in consideration and had even investigated cost and design ideas.
The New Synergistic UEF Blue HC cord has made a marked difference in every every CD I've played, so all I can say is wow!