Supex SDX-1100r Phono Cartridge

Anybody own or know anything about this cartridge?  I see one for sale on Ebay that would probably need a retip soon.

I owned a Supex sd-900 cartridge many years ago, and I really liked it.

Does anyone know if I can still get a retip done on this cartridge?  If so, who can do it?

Any info would be appreciated.

hifishark, 'all countries' lists 5, this one from Japan, says stylus still good, I would ask for more specifics, but an option

30 day returns, no risk except return shipping and waiting time.

the prior 'needs tip' does not accept returns.
Yes, that's the one.  Thanks for the advice.

Anyone have experience with this cartridge?


The link you posted is for a  SUPEX SDX-1000 MC Cartridge, not the same animal.
it has ruby cantilever so only retip can be impossible
Looks like Soundsmith and VAS both work with ruby cantilevers.  Soundsmith seems to have reasonable prices, I have yet to confirm with VAS on pricing.