Supex SDX-1100r Phono Cartridge

Anybody own or know anything about this cartridge?  I see one for sale on Ebay that would probably need a retip soon.

I owned a Supex sd-900 cartridge many years ago, and I really liked it.

Does anyone know if I can still get a retip done on this cartridge?  If so, who can do it?

Any info would be appreciated.

Steve at VAS is highly respected here, I have gotten some pre-purchase advice from hiim

this listing perhaps?

I would email him, include a link to the one you are considering, then continue writing or call him.

He knows which ones are problematic, more than often lead to more than a re-tip for instance. 

You might skip it, or be armed with info to pass on to seller and ask for a lower price.
hifishark, 'all countries' lists 5, this one from Japan, says stylus still good, I would ask for more specifics, but an option

30 day returns, no risk except return shipping and waiting time.

the prior 'needs tip' does not accept returns.
Yes, that's the one.  Thanks for the advice.

Anyone have experience with this cartridge?


The link you posted is for a  SUPEX SDX-1000 MC Cartridge, not the same animal.
Looks like Soundsmith and VAS both work with ruby cantilevers.  Soundsmith seems to have reasonable prices, I have yet to confirm with VAS on pricing.

Hi, I owned only SD-909 mkII (perfect original sample / original stylus tip) and it was too dark in my system with built-in 1:10 SUT in my WLM Reference Phonata (phono stage). It was on Reed 3p "12 inch tonearm Technics SP-10 mkII) turntable.

When I replaced Supex SD909 mkII with Garrott p77 (MM) I was shocked, both are vintage cartridges, but Garrott was absolutely amazing on Reed 3p and definitely much better than my Supex 909 mkII.

Good news is that Garrott available new here (improved version) and probably it’s better to invest in a new MM than to mess around with re-tipping old MC ?

Garrott p77i cost AUD 690 ans it’s just USD 525

P.S. Ruby cantilever alone will cost you $350 if you will check prices here
Did you compare you old Supex to something else ? 

I'm sure any original SoundSmith cartridge with his Ruby cantilever is better than old Supex and rebuild of his own cartridges are much cheaper that rebuild of the old ones. 

However, a cartridge with user replaceable stylus is even better, compared Supex MC to Garrott MM the difference was huge in favor of Garrott. Sadly Garrott Brothers are no longer with us (those are legendary re-tippers and cartridge designers), but Philippe Luder is the man behind their company now. 

Another great alternative to Supex is Shelter MC model 5000. 


Dear @psychoticreaction :  I own it and it's a great cartridge and way different to the other Supex models. Recomended.

The other persons that posted here has no single idea of the 100 very high quality levels, so you can't took their advices as a " true ".

Perhaps the only one that could listened it is mijostyn but I don't know for sure.

Yes, that Supex can be fixed for SounSmith or other re-tipper.

Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,

You are 100% right.  I own one, I bought it as an impulse buy, NOS, at a record show back in the late 90's.  It absolutely beat the Lyra Lydian Beta that was my primary cartridge at the time. I believe from my research at the time that this model was never made available to the US retail market.

@psychoticreaction, if you can get your hands on one, I'd also say go for it.
Dear @vinylzone : Good that you enjoyed that kind of quality cartridge level.

If you still have and the cartridge needs to be re-tipped my recomendation is that instead to stay with Ruby cantilever go for a Boron cantilever, I think will performs even better.

Btw, in those all times when  showed up in the market ( 1981 ) the SDX1100R was the below/one step from the Supex top of the line that was the SDX 1100D. The price in Japan was 70K Yens for the R and 280K Yens for the D.

Both in a totally different league that any other Supex model.

Thanks for the info @rauliruegas  and @vinylzone.  I'm going to keep a lookout for the cartridge.  I'm guessing they don't come up often.