Supex SDX-1100B mc cartridge

Hi, Just wondering if anyone has come across this vintage mc cart - supex SDX-1100B. It seems fairly low impedance 0.2mv 1.5Ω
One has come up for sale in good condition and I've put in a reservation for it. Thinking of just getting it to see if it will make an improvement over my current 'vintage' mc20mkII
(System is sony PSE-4000 turntable - PUA1500L arm - Uesugi bros5L SUT - uesugi UTY-7 tube phono amp)

Any info or experience on this cartrdige series would be very helpful.
My current carts are ortofon mc20mkII, denon DL304 and Audio technica AT33PTG. The last two are not so well matched witht the bros 5L so I don't think I have appreciated their full potential. However,I'm keen to see how low impedance mc carts sound with my current SUT + Phono amp set up.
cheers in advance,
I use to use and sell the 900 and 901 Supex, Wish I had kept some. If it is better than they were then it is very good. I also use the 304, probably the most underrated cartridge, but it doesn't work with everything.
If you decide to get it, I have a Supex stepup transformer that you can have. Just contact me and we can sort it out.
Stanwal - Had a feeling the 304 might be more than meets the eye.
Atmasphere - still mulling over the supex cart at present but thanks for the offer.