Supex SDX 1000 MC Cartridge

I found this cartridge in a box the other day. I used to work in the business a long time ago. Its got the supex jewel case,protector, and the leads. I never used it and I remember it never was demo'd much in the shop..anyone know what this is worth?..All the lettering is clean on it..I think it was on a Linn for a bit. Thanks
Dear Roadtoruin: My english is not to good but if you mean if that cartridge is woth to have it then my answer is yes, this cartridge ( low output ) is very good even from today standards.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Thanks for the reply. I just want to sell it. I hung it out on Ebay
Dear Roadtoruin: Agon is a very good mart to it, try it!

regards and enjoy the music.