Supex Cartridge Query

I've inherited a bunch of Supex cartridges and I'm trying to get any information I can about them. The model numbers are, SD-330, SD-909, SM-100Mk II, SM-100Mm Mark II, SDX-1000, SD-900 Super II, and SD-900 E+. Information on Supex products is difficult to find, but I thought if anyone would know something it would be the fine people who make up the Audiogon community. Are these desirable items? I've seen some info out there about the SD-900, but very little if any about the other models. By the way, all of these items are new. Any info would be greatly appreciated!
Yes these are desirable especially in NEW condition .
You can find some info at;
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Thanks to the both of you for your help! I'll continue my research. By the way, do you think Audiogon is a good marketplace for the items, or would you take them elsewhere?
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