Supex 901 MKIV.... ??

Hi, I just recieved this Cart. as a 'gift' from my father!!!! He sent a technics EPC 100 too!!! But it is dead, both channels have no signal, and the suspension is shot. The Supex sounds GREAT I swapped it out with my Denon 103r, without really dialing in the tracking weight, I tried both the hi and low settings on the cinemag SUT, I prefer the hi setting by a hair.
Wondering what the proper tracking weight is for this cart, and what they sell for right now?
I use to sell them, I think I used 2.2 to 2.5. In any case that should be about right. They were good cartridges and if I knew they were going to stop making them I would have stockpiled quite a few. Price on something like this depends on the condition of the individual cartridge and is hard to give; anywhere from $200 to $450 ; possibly sometimes higher.
I would start with a lower tracking force. The two 901 models I have had (neither of which were 901 Mk IV) were a standard SD-901 at 1.0-1.5g and a Super which was slightly higher but not above 2g. No clue about value of your Mk IV. They come up from time to time on Audiogon so you could wait and see...
Killer system tbone!!
I see you are using a few MM's
I've been fiddling with a few myself, but have yet to
Find anything that gives me the dynamics, immediacy
transparency, and realism that I get from my
MC's with SUTs.
Any suggestions? I've. Tried grace f9, Shure v15, I'm using an Azden right now, but none come close to the denon or supex in my system. I'd love to do away with that extra link, ditch the SUT and run direct into my phono pre. Maybe a new phonostage is the answer?
I use a bottlehead Eros, and have experimented with loading/capacitance with the aforementioned MM carts.
Given a friend's recent experience with the Eros and a pre with phono I use, you don't need to step up from the Eros. I have had OK experience with the Grace F9. I have not used an Azden or Shure V15. As to capacitance, I think you want as little as possible. I also like the Empire 1000/4000s, the Technics 100C/101C/205CMk3, but I too tend to stick to my LOMCs...
The store I use to work for in the late 70's early 80's sold the Technics arm as well as the Supex 901. We usually tracked around 1.75 grams. We tracked in other arms 1.7 to 2.0 but never over and never below 1.7 as it would get "brittle" sounding and had tracking issues.
I sold off the supex today. Miss it already, thanks for the info Tbone!!
Cheers, I'll throw that Grace on the arm for now!
I had once Supex SD-900/Super but was unfortunately damaged for which I'm still sorry. However manual remained and advice for stylus force is 1,5 - 2,0 gr.

I have HIFI Choice no. 43 from 1985 which tested the 901 MK 4 and found it had a compliance of 14; they used a tracking weight of 2 grams. It was the earlier 901S which had a compliance of 12 which tracked at between 2 and 2.5. Their test used 2.2. I haven't tracked a cartridge under 2 grams in over 20 years myself.