SUPEX 900 --- retyped -- does it worth it?

Good Day All,

bought an old turntable, it had an old supex 900 on it.


I want it to be retyped? does it worth the try?

Question #2:
Where could i send it to be retyped?

thanks for any info you could provided
Dear Chris: Why do you want to retyp? somethink wrong with it?

regards and enjoy the music.
Well i want to retyp those 2, because i heard supex was a great moving coil and it is not in production anymore!

Also DL110, was a cartridge that i like a lot, and i want to improve it, if possible. I have now a DL160 and with vintage 196?? something tube amp, it is what work best, for now.

any suggestion for cartridge to try, let's go, but since my amp are 1957, and standard phono, was not establish, could go more than .8mvolt, max 2.5mvolt cartridge, so mid high moving coil is good.

I hesitate between Benz ACE and Sumiko black bird/EvoIII or dynavector 20X? what you think?

Try the clearaudio, but to loud for my vintage stuff, but do something magic with my other system!

Dyna 20XH is a nice coil at a reasonable price.