Supex 900 question

I recently came into a Supex 900 Super. Compared to an AT150MLX I have, it sounds warm, smooth, full bodied. The AT is much more three dimensional, airy and transparent.

When I run them both on the Hi-Fi News Test Record, the AT tracks like a champ. No problem with tracks 6-8. The Supex on the other hand only tracks 6 and buzzes substantially on 7 and 8. Both were set up with a Mint LP protractor. The Supex though was much more difficult to align because the cantilever is more pushed back and shorter. I think I got it right, maybe not quite as exact, but certainly better than I could with a worse protractor.

Are these tracking problems symptoms that the Supex may have suspension issues and need to be rebuilt? Or are they traditionally poor trackers?

I would love to get that smooth sound with a little more of the transparency of the AT.

What are you tracking the Supex at and what arm are you using? What is its mass? I use to be a Supex dealer in the 70s and 80s.
Hi Greg, I have a 909 mk2 which was rebuilt by the Garrotts to great effect. It tracks very well fwiw. To me it's kind of a 'poor man's' Koetsu if you can excuse the expression ;-) I use mine on either an Ikeda IT-345 or an SME 1012R.
Hi Stanwal, I have a KAB modified Technics SL12xx with the standard tonearm and fluid damper. I am tracking at 1.8. Do you think my problems could be a set up issue?
Hi Bcoasis, Thanks for your response. I am considering sending the cartridge for a rebuild. What other cartridges do you use and how does the Supex compare?
Hi Greg, my other carts are an ortofon MC3000, Garrott P89, Decca SC4E. I've had an AT 150MLX fwiw, among (many ;-) ) other cartridges.
It's been a really long time since I heard the AT and to be fair, for the same reason/biases I don't own a Koetsu, it wouldn't really be appropriate to compare the Supex against specifically my Decca and P89.
I do however really like my Supex. It's a very relaxed sound, great midrange. It doesn't rock imho. Mine tracks superbly fwiw.
Check out for your setting if you haven't already.
If you have the spare funds I really encourage you to get your one rebuilt unless you listen to mostly rock.
Hope that helps and all imho ;-)
In HIFI Choice issue 28 from 1982 the Supex 900e Super required 2.6 grams to track the Supertrack cut from the Shure test record. They recommended an arm mass of 12-20 grams. I would track at 2 grams at least for ordinary listening and add mass to the arm if it is below 12. The Supex came with a lead weight in the shape of the cartridge to add mass to arms. I would not worry about tracking weight, it has no effect on record wear if the diamond is well polished, see Decca's tests of 30 years ago. There are several ways of adding mass, Vinyl Engine or Audio Asylum will have good advice on which works well.
Stanwal, Boasis,
Thanks for the info. Pushing the VTF up to 2.25 helped. It tracks fine through the test record. It still sounds a bit muddy, but I will chalk that up to the sound of the cartridge.
Greg, perhaps the stylus is worn? Loading? From what I have, I would not describe the sound as muddy. A bit soft at the extremes compared to sota but a very mice midrange that is killer on the right material.
Have one that has not been in use for at least 20 years.
The stylus is not worn. Is it a given that the cantelever is not going to be good or the cartridge needs to be updated?
I'm pushing 2.25 grams and it tracks through 6 & 7 fine but not 8. The warmth and smoothness of this cartridge is very seductive, not muddy. Very balanced sounding. You have to load it @ 40ohms at least with 15 to 20ohms being best. SUT loading. Transparency is not it's thing but again oh so seductive. It pushed my Dyna DV20XL out the door.