Supex 900 Mono Cartridge

I recently took a flyer and bought at auction a Supex SD-900 wood-bodied MONO cartridge. The seller didn't not know much about the cartidge but seemed an earnest individual. I was only one of two bidders and, from the prices some other Supex cartridges have brought, that makes me a little nervous! Do others know something I don't? ;-)

I tried to do some research and can only come up with limited verbage on the SD-900 and I see that a few on this board have used them. Nothing on the mono, though.

Anyone have any pearls of wisodom to share with respect to this cartridge - even if it just to say that I've ventured into a $111 boondoggle?!
I own a stereo Supex which is fabulously rich and musical, and with tremendous energy. I would venture to opine that $111 on a mono version is a killing. Congratulations. I think my NOS Supex MC901 is my favourite cartridge to date, and I've owned, and own, some doozies.
There was discussion of this auction on the Phonogram list and the consensus was that it's a 78 cartridge.

Patrick, if you could provide to me a link to that information, I'd be much obliged. For what it's worth, this one is designated SD-900SP - spherical stylus.
If you don't spin 78's you can always sell me the cartridge.

Vinyljh is probably correct. I have just started using an Audio Technica AT-MONO3/LP for mono records. They also make an AT-MONO3/SP for 78's. I guess SP=78rpm.

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