Supex 900

Does anyone know the correct loading and tracking weight for a Supex 900?
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1.8 grams and 3 ohms ought to do it, if memory serves me. Don
Stereo Buyers' Guide, 1987 edition cites output 0.2mv at 3.54 centimeters per second. Frequency response 10-50,000 Hz +/-2dB; separation 27dB at 1,000 Hz; tracking force range 1.8-2.2 grams.

I currently use one and it performs well. It does not seem sensitive for capacitance but needs hi-output preamp. I use it with either Forte II or AR SP9 MkII with PS Audio Moving Coil Amp Two step-up.
Thank you both for your help. You were right on the money. I Musical Fidelity phono pre and it works very well.