Superzero fans....sub suggestions.....

Hey folks...building a 2.1 system around the SZs...curious what subs people have incorporated...including the current one NHT offers to mate with them...for $350 that seems like a great deal...any other options?
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It may be more than what you want to spend, but for music, I really like the Vandersteen subs.
I agree that the Vandersteen are fantastic subs. I use a pair of 2WQ's with my Vandersteen 3A Sigs and love them. I also use the Superzeros in my living room system and think that they are great speakers.

There are actually two types of Vandersteen subs. The 2WQ is designed to use with a full range speaker (due to their first degree crossovers)and would be a poor match for the SZs due to their limited LF response. The V2W is designed for a line level input and may integrate better. I have no experience with the V2W.

I use the SZs with the NHT SW2 sub which was the combination described back in Stereophile in 1994.
The newest nht10 and 12 subs are no great shakes (pun intended). They don't go down very low and are relatively underpowered.
thanks...i was never a fan of the older NHT your opinion on their newer gear comes as no suprise...possible HSU or something similiar...thanks...
I just purchased an svs sb-12 plus and am really enjoying it. It will play really low and sounds pretty clean to me. Way better than the emotiva ultra 10 that I had. There is an svs sb-12 plus for sale here on audiogon for $500. You can't find these subs for sale anywhere, which in my oppinion means that people who have them keep them. If the one on sale here matched the one, in color, that I just bought, it would be gone because I would have purchased it to put in the other corner of my room.
I use a Velodyne DD18 with my 2 original model SZs. Beautiful sound from an oppo BD83 into a 30 year old NAD 7020 receiver. Velodyne cost me AUD$5,200 and superzeros AUD$480 (pair). These superzeros need a good sub to do them justice.