Supertramp's Breakfast in America LP

Last night, after playing my copy of "Breakfast in America", I decided that I want to get an audiophile copy, even though the standard A&M vinyl pressing sounds pretty damn good! Haven't played this one in years!

Has anyone actually compared the "better" pressings, MoFi, A&M half-speed master, or imports (outside of USA)?

What is your opinion? Thanks in advance!
I have several copies of that LP. The best is the Simply Vinyl version. I have the MFSL issue, but it's not as good. MFSL plays with the EQ too much, as is thier tendency. I've even been thinking of selling the latter. Since I got the Simply Vinyl, I don't listen to it anymore.
I guess I played the hell out of mine.There are 2 of their albums I like better. Crime Of The Century and the live in Paris.
I forgot to mention, I have several of the A&M half speed LPs and they aren't anything special. I'm sure they're better than the standard us pressing, but I say, go for the best -- 180 gram Simply Vinyl.
No, the MoFi and A&M half speeds are really not that good, but the UHQR of Crime is unbelievably good. There is, apparently, an unusually large sonic difference in the different matrixs used in the UHQR Crime. I have only heard two, but it would seem to bear this out. Maybe someone would care to comment.