Supertramp remasters

I have a few of the the original supertramp cd's from the early eighties. Wondering how the sound is improved on the remasters from a few years ago.
The MoFi of Crime is pretty good.
Does the original version of Breakfast In America need to be remastered?
They are mastered too hot, IMHO....originals were better.
My copy of Breakfast is INSANELY quiet. I have to turn it up twice as loud as almost every other cd I own.
Synthfreek- I do not suffer from your problem regarding loudness with my UK copy of the cd.

Shadorne- 'over cooked' is what I was sort of saying in another thread about remastered cd's, they to me only seem to hit up the EQ, which to me doesn't really Improve the quality.
How do you cope with your ATC's that you say are slightly forward in the mid-range, coupled with your Sony cd players which do tend to be a little bright (good) and not bright (bad), add to that more EQ'd mid range from the remastered versions, Is it a problem for you sound wise?
Btw- your speakers Use SEAS cones My horns use SEAS also. They are really good cones.
Is "over cooked" a problem for you sound wise?

Yes it sure is in terms of listening level. I cannot crank it when it is "over cooked" just sounds harsh to the ears. At lower volume levels "over cooked" just sounds edgy or snappy, which is what the mastering engineers intended. So I can listen and enjoy...just like in a car or on PC modest but not at anywhere realistic levels. I don't think this at all a problem to ATC...most anything that can play loud will show up this distortion and overly high average sound level problem. Remember at low levels the compression actually helps increase the audibility of the music - radio stations have been doing this forever - they want you to hear it...ever notice how loud commercials sound on TV - same thing!

Btw- your speakers Use SEAS cones My horns use SEAS also. They are really good cones.

Actually my old ATC's use the old tried and true Vifa silk tweeter D27-TG-46-06(nothing especially amazing at all but I like the sound) ...these are polite and critically do not compress/distort at high levels.....besides they don't do much work anyway since the crossover is at 3.5 KHz.

The newer ATC models indeed use the more expensive and highly reputed Seas T25CF-002 Millenium tweeters (as you say excellent drivers). The woofers and midrange dome are all built by ATC themselves and many of these drivers can be bought separately...see Solen Website and click on ATC.