Superphon Basic/Rev2 or Creek OBH12

Curious if anyone has compared these cult classic giant killers. I do not need phono, but I'm looking for a system improvement from an over achieving piece like these two. I listen without EQ so would like to try a passive. The winner will possibly replace my McIntosh C32...opinions, advice...thank you
Of the two you mention, I would get the Superphon and I've never heard it. I used Creeks for a while. I found them 'additive' in that the highs became a bit edge/bright. Not as neutral as you might like, but its subtle and easy to miss. I found a use for the Creek as a volume control (when I needed it) placed in the tape loop.

The TCL is a good unit as well. And the build quality is excellent. Not so for the Creek! There are many excellent passives available. Consider that IC's lenghts play a BIG role in the success in the use of passives.