Superclock II

Went and bought a Superclock II for my Shanling SCD200, thinking I could use the directions provided by the MFG for the T100.....NOT! Can anybody help with installation instructions?
I would suggest that you not attemp to modify the Shanling, you could create a boat anchor.

If you don't know enough to handle a clock trade without directions, you don't belong in the digi circuit mod business. You might send the clock, and deck to one of the SC II modifiers and see what they would charge.

Still I recommend you not touch the Shanling. It thinks you could go the wrong direction and that's some serious $$$ to lose.

Just my 2 cents worth.

You might try giving Parts Connexion a call, they mod the Shanlings. However, there is a premium on shipping to Canada. Richard Kern of Audiomod is another good chance, he used to suggest buying the clock and having it sent to him! I've had mods done by both companies and was very pleased with their sonics, craftmanship and post support.
I think this is the best advice I can get, thanks. It sounded easy at first......oh well.
I just had Reference Audio Mods install a SuperClock II in my Wadia 301. They sell them, so I'm guessing they have enough experience to install yours. Their web site also has a few other intstallers listed that you could contact.

Don't feel bad about having to send for help. When I looked at the finished installation I realized there was no way I wanted to attempt that myself.
Hi, I could you please send me the directions of Superclock II for the Shanling CD-T100, Yhanks