Superbly Sonic Phono Stageunder$400 ideally used ?

I'm a young emerging audiohphile @ 22 years of age and operate with a twenty two year olds budget. We youngsters like to think we can find deals in hyperspace( ebay and the likes)better than the old timers. Ideally, I would like to find a used tube phono stage under the 400 dollar mark with great sonic "fastness", clarity, imaging, and other "audiophile jargon". I am farely familiar with some of my options but id like to hear ya'll's opinions.

As my dad says," Youv'e got a beer budget with a Champagne taste".
So please don't mention the Bellari V129.( It also struggles in the aesthetics department).
The Moon LP3 can occasionally be found for about $350 used.
Bottlehead Seduction, Pro-ject Tube Box SE
Not a true tube unit, but has a tubed output stage - Jolida JD9a. Extremely flexible and responds well to tube rolling.

Good Luck!
I'll second the Bottlehead Seduction - they come up used occasionally within your price range... they can vary a bit in the "looks" department since they are a kit and subject to the builders whims and tastes!