If anyone is a member on this site, I tried to sign up, but the recaptcha that they require is not loading. This is the case for the contact us form as well, so there is no way to send them a message. If you are a member, can you please let them know. 
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Click Report this. That's what I did. Usually everything will disappear and you will get a form letter having nothing to do with anything that happened.
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This is the first time I have heard of this site. Is there buying and selling, or is it just a forum for discussions? 
SuperBestAudioFriends is just a discussion forum as far as I know. Unfortunately, there is currently no way to sign up. I found an audiogon member that was also a member on that site that sent a message to their administrators, so hopefully they'll get it figured out.
Does your application need to be notarized at the Hall of Audio Justice?
Thank you three_easy that was priceless!
I believe Super tweeter Man is a notary....Or is it Ampman?
thecarpathian- It’s kenjit!
MC, now That's funny. *LOL*

"Hall of Audio Just This", where two rights don't equal a left...
...but the three, do.....;)

SBAF sounds like an 'splinter grope' to me....the 'club handshake' ought to be put on YT with disclaimers....

*tongue in cheek now sticks out ear....*
@jaytor Hey friend, any update?The issue is still not resolved it seems.
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