Superb service from Paradigm

I recently had a driver go bad in a pair of 15 year old Active 20 speakers. I contacted my dealer to see if Paradigm would be able to repair it because they no longer make that speaker. Long story short. My dealer returned it to the factory and it was repaired and returned to me free of charge. My hat is off to world class manufactures like Paradigm.
I also support the idea of purchasing products of major manufacturers. It's safer in case you need service.
Unfortunately I don't have luxury of having my units serviced when they break, but so far had been troubleshooting mine myself.
Great story Cyrus. Remeber guys, it is important to post both positive & negative dealings w/ these companies for the rest of us.
You should thank your dealer as well. While many people point out the large margins they make on some products, part of this cost goes towards service after the sale. The dealer has to deal with you and the manufacturer to get the product serviced, as well as inspect the product themselves to see if something may be serviced in the field. So while I certainly understand people buying used to save money, which is cool, it's nice to have someone to assist you when things go wrong. Glad it worked out well for you.