Superb Service

I have read about the unfortunate experiences some of our members have had with some manufacturers.  I wish to tell of a completely different story.  I purchased one of the original Modwright SWL 9.0 SE models when it was first released.  Recently the left channel developed a static.  I couldn't find the source so I called Modwright.  Dan Wright got on the phone and we were discussing my problem.  He asked that I send it to him.  He called shortly after receiving it and told me it needed two resistors and two MOSFETS.  He fixed it quickly and then burned it in for a week with testing to make sure it was in specifications.  He promptly shipped it back.  Total time he had the unit was two weeks.  He called to make sure it was satisfactory.  Charges: $75 for one hour of bench time, $20 for parts, $50 for shipping.  Total $145 and it sounds brand new. 
I thought it appropriate to tell everyone here what a great experience it was for me and to recommend Dan Wright and the Modwright team for their superb service.
Rob Gillum at Thiel service.
Bill Watkins Jr. at Watkins Stereo in Kingsport, TN
The good folks at Ayre Acoustics.
Eliott Nommensen at Synergistic Research.
Good to heart but not surprising.  Dan has always been good to his customers.
That's good to hear......I've never seen his gear first hand but it certainly looks "instrument " quality.....
It is exactly what it is designed to be. No hyperbole. Just straight forward engineering and then tuned by ear. I wish I could afford his other instruments. 
Dan's the best!  I've had several encounters with him and he is the quintessential gentleman.  Excellent gear too.
Golden Ear Technologies also has exceptional customer service. Certain folks have reported they honor their warranty even after it has expired. That is not to say they have many failures to begin with. 
I agree Michael at Ayre, Richard Vandersteen, Harry at VPI, John Rutan at Audio Connection in New Jersey...all provided me with spectacurlarly good service.
Audio Research and Bryston both provide excellent service. Audio Connection and Audio Classics are also both very good.
Neal at Soundscience is absolutely great. My Diamond Music Server is long out of warranty period and he still provides me with great support. 
+1 markus1299.  Neal has always been very responsive and generous with his time. 
+ 2. Dan always provides good value & excellent customer service.
Bob Backert of RHB Designs, Richard Vandersteen, Steve McCormack, Steve and Robert Herbelin of Herbie's Audio Lab

I've had great service from Keith Herron at Herron Audio. 

In today's economy and especially in the high end audio community, it's a survival requirement to have outstanding service and value.  In the age of the internet and these forums, it's too easy to kill a business with one unsatisfied customer. 
Peter, with PBN Audio, customer service is unbelievable he will take that extra step to make sure you our completely satisfied.
USA Tube audio. Had on going issues with an Ayon CD player, traded out for new unit atlast twice(including an upgrade from a CD2 to a CD2s)at no charge. Even out of warranty, all repairs done at no charge including overnight return shipping.y
Oppo has repaired an old unit for shipping costs only for me.

Excellent reviews -Guys.

it is imperative to post both positive & negative experiences when dealing w/ these companies/manufacturers.  Same for dealers/retailers.
A few of my fave dealers/retailers;

Audio Advice- Raleigh NC
Audio/Video Excellence- Raleigh NC
Audio Concepts- Dallas TX
John Fort Audio- Dallas TX
Galen Carol- San Antonio TX
HiFi Buys- Nashville TN
Soundscape- Baltimore MD
The Listening Room- Baltimore MD