Super Pro Dac707

Hi All,

Anyone familiar with this inexpensive DAC? From what I can tell the specs are:

The Super Pro uses the CS-8416 for the receiver ship and the highly resolving, 24-192kHz, CS-4398 for the D/A chip. Dual LT1364Cs are used for analog output. The unit has optical and coaxial digital outputs. Analog output is via standard RCA plugs.

* D/A Receiver chip CS-8416,
* D/A converter chip, CS-4398 (24-192KHZ )
* Dual LT1364C OPAMPS for analog output circuit
* Optical digital input
* Coaxial Digital Input
* USB input (CM-108 USB receiving chip)
* Standard RCA analog output plugs

Any thoughts as to if this would be a better DAC than an inexpensive dvd player used for CDs? Right now I'm using a Philips DVP3140.