Super new to record players

Hello all. I’ve just been gifted a Thorens TD 190. I need a new Stylist. Does anyone have any recommendations and a place where I can get it? Does anyone know how I can adjust the lid to stay open on its own? It keeps falling down. Thank
These days, we call them turntables. Can't help you on a Stylist, although that new haircut may provide less air drag in your listening room.
Stylist? I'm partial to Gene Juarez. Sorry. Shouldn't beat up on the new guy. You can buy more Stylast on Music Direct. Sorry, sorry! Couldn't resist! 

The stylus is the teeny tiny little point at the end of a little straight thing called the cantilever, which goes inside the big thing you are probably talking about which is called the phono cartridge. I have to say probably because cartridges are all different and some of them you can easily remove and replace the stylus/cantilever assembly. Slides right out. 

Seriously, unless there is something seriously wrong then I would concentrate on getting the table set up and running and see how it sounds. Get yourself some Stylast (or whatever, just get something to clean the stylus and get into the habit of doing this after every side) and a record brush, or even better Walker Enzyme cleaning solutions, but whatever, point is get set up with all the little accessories and habits first. Otherwise you get a new cartridge, start dragging it across a bunch of dirty records, table not set up very well, waste of money.

Also if you are super new, do you have a phono stage? Records are different in that they need a special input. Look for a Phono input on the back of your amp. Without this you will need to buy a phono stage.

One more reason I say wait and learn before running out and buying a cartridge. This stuff ain't hard, but it is a lot different than hooking up a CD player. That's the bad news. The good news is when you do learn how to do it there is a whole lot of performance lurking in those records and you can bring a lot of it out for free just by doing things right.

The lid is almost certainly a worn/broken spring inside the hinge. Usually have to hunt around for a replacement hinge. 
Thanks for the input. I’ve got it set up pretty well or at least from what I’ve read up on. I have a Phono port on my amp which is where I’ve got it hooked up to. The reason I need a new tip is because my son smacked it when I was setting it up and broke it. It’s moved out of his reach now. I was able to reattach it but it’s probably the reason why the volume is low. I appreciate the reply’s including the abuse haha. 
Do you guys have any Suggestions on what I should get or what I should stay away from as far as a stylus I see that there’s Cartridges and stylus
You need a new cartridge. Probably MM. Easier to get good results with a MM. But which one, I'm afraid you'll have to wait for one of the guys here who know. There are some really good budget cartridges that will make a huge difference for you. Then take their suggestions and search for comments on those carts. Doing it that way you will be able to find a great one, they are out there. 
I was able to reattach it but it’s probably the reason why the volume is low.
Or your phono input isn't actually a phono amplifier but simply a location to connect one.
For less than $250, I would look at the Nagaoka mp-110, or Sumiko Rainier.

But I’m sure you will get many Audio Technica and Ortofon recommendations. Can’t go wrong with those either. Or Grado.....but the hum....have one.
Grado’s , especially the Prestige series, are well known for the hum they create. Do a search for ‘Grado hum’, and you will find many posts about this. And it is hard to minimize as they are in unshielded. I have one, a Prestige Red with an 8MZ stylus. I like my Grado, and it doesn’t really bother much once you start playing an album. But it’s there. I don’t really use it anymore, so will probably be sold, or keep it as a backup to my backup, a Goldring 1042.
Nakagoka MP-110 is about $150 and an excellent value. I have one I use as a loaner to help fellow audiophiles and music lovers. The Ortofon Blue or Red are also solid values....
You won’t do better for the bucks than AudioTechnica 540 MicroLine. Easy to setup. Good strong output. Great seperation.
As has been noted here it’s all about the stylus.
This is the most inexpensive, better than elliptical, made by an experienced builder you can get.
And it's replaceable for less than a new cartridge.
That would be a pretty fine table with that AT on it. Or Ortofon if you want a little warmer presentation.
You can find the one withinin your budget from Nagaoka, Audio Technica, Goldring.

Goldring cartridges are hard to find in this country.  Well worth considering though.
You either have to add a vertical post to hold it up or change the hinges to torque hinges.  I had an old Linn on which I used some of these and it worked perfectly and holds up a 5lb lid even at 30 degrees.  You can get even stronger ones from Sugatsune.
Wondering if OP might have a MC (moving coil) cartridge that he is plugging into an MM (moving magnet) input on his pre-amp/integrated/receiver?  Wouldn’t that explain the low volume?
I have a brand new NIB NOS Shure m91ed Hi-Track cartridge/stylus that would be great for that turntable. Its listed over on ebay currently. Its the only brand new one available on ebay! Pm me if interested. Alternatively, you could go with the ortofon super om10. You are able to swap out that stylus up to the om20, om30, or om40. The higher the number the better the stylus profile. I run the om10 on my Thorens td 240-2 and it sounds terrific. It came stock with the om10. Some came with the AT95e.
Goldring can easily be found in this country. I just bought an erotica lx at elusive disc for $599 to add to my many cartridges. Also, check out analogue seduction in UK. They have great prices and ship to US.
@yogiboy took the thread out of my mouth so to speak.

see what cartridge u have first.

as to the lid don’t stress - just lift it off - most people don’t use a life when laying music as they massively damage the sound due to feedback resonance. Try playing music with and without the lid. 
Get alignment sheets from vinylengine which is a superb website.

get urself a decent brush for your records - or a disco anti stat . You can use spectacle lens cleaner with cotton buds to clean ur stylus.

welcome to vinyl - it’s great fun