Super Max Tweeter Cable, Worth it ?

Anybody hear or use this over priced Harmonix Super Max Tweeter Cable?
I use all Harmonix in my system and have a pair of speakers due for delivery either today or Monday that are Bi-Wire.
I thought this would be a no brainer and get a pair of thier Bi-Wire's until I found out they don't make a Bi-wire and they want you to use a 3200.00 List price 2-meter Super Tweeter Cable. Damm, even with discount's or what ever is this Cable Worth a second mortgage?
Yeah, they have over priced Jumper's but to me that is nothing more then a Band Aid.
Thanks for any input you guys may have on this cable as it will be appreciated.
First try 22g (or 20) enameled pure copper wire on the tweets/mids. Check for improvements (or the contrary) vs single wiring. {You will of course separately try the single wiring on the top and the bottom connectors on yr spkrs to check for differences, too.} Cheers
$3200 for two meters of wire and some fancy-schmancy connectors? Surely you've heard the term "more money than brains"?....