Super impressed with Von Schweikert VR-1

Unbelieveable value for the money. High quality, imaging to die for, ultra resolution, great tight bass, and very musical.

Anyone looking for small speakers owes it to themselves to check them out.
I was fortunate enough to get a demo pair from Primus Audio Pleasures in Kansas City. I am running them through a Denon receiver until I set up a separate amp and CD. I love the midrange. The voices and instruments are crystal clear and life-like. The sound is forward, but I was forced to put them in a bookshelf for marital accord. They are my second system, so accomodations are made. The bass is good for their size. I think they drop off about 50 Hz. They are perfect for smaller rooms and in or on bookshelves. I can't wait to get them their very own amplification and source!
I agree. After owning several standmount speakers the VR-1s stayed the longest. How high are your stands? Originally mine were on 24 inch stands, I bought 28 inch stands and this much improved soundstage. I recall the first night on the new stands listening to XTC, Oranges and Lemons and hearing a totally new and improved soundstage. Although I no longer own them, I remember them fondly.
I tried 28 inch stands and found them to be at the right height. I am limited by the bookshelves, but designed them to be about 28 inches for the speakers. When my wife is gone for a time I will pull them off the shelves and put them on the stands. The VS stands are 26 inches, but I like my speakers a little higher then ear level. The VR-1s give a beautiful height to the soundstage, much broader and higher than any small speaker I have heard. Even in the bookshelves they can disappear, even better about 24 inches from the back wall, 28 inches high. I may add a subwoofer, but in that room it will require pre-approval ;) I really appreciate that Albert has designed a speaker that fits that niche of smaller rooms and limited budgets with expansive and detailed sound. I am still looking for an amp. I think that a clean solid state amp, even class A, should work fine. The Marantz 7200 or something similar. It will be low to medium level volume...more pure than loud.

You may decide to visit them again for a second room!
I was able to complete the room for the VR-1s. Creek 5350SE for an integrated amp and a New Tube 4000 with upsampler for the CD. I may add a REL sub in the future, but for now the bass is quite sufficient for most music.