Super Efficent Home Theater Speakers

I was considering building a Home Theater setup around the Antique Sound Lab Wave tube-amp's. These are pretty good sounding little tube amps, and I could get five mono-blocks for $500.

The issue with the Wave's is they have an incredibly low output (10 watts). For regular stereo music on highly efficent speakers they sound plenty loud enough in a small space. However, I am having a hard time finding super-efficent home-theater speaker setups.

Anyone have any suggestions on super-efficent, easy to drive home theater speakers? Thanks in advance!

You may want to look into some used Klipsch speakers. They work much better with tubes. I think most of there stuff is around 100db.
I agree with Flemke, Klipsch are the way to go if your looking for efficient speaker, and Klipsch work GREAT on a few of the HT's I have heard.

~Another Tim
There is a local guy with three La Scala's ( mains and center ) and two Heresy's for the rears. He's using dual Klipsch subs to fill in the bottom octave or two. The center La Scala resides directly behind his pull down projection screen, so voices literally sound like they are coming right out of the actors' mouths. Needless to say, it is dynamic as all get out and works like gangbusters. Sean
I agree with everyone else,I have all klipsch speakers in my home theater,and that is why I have them,for their efficiency.
Yet Another Tim
Y'all win! While I was hoping someone would say "vandersteen" or "meadowlark" it sounds like the universal outcry is to start auditioning Klipsch speakers. I think they cary them at Magnolia Hi-Fi so I'll try to audition them this week.

Thanks guys!