Super Dacs - DCS vs. MSB


Did anyone compared DCS vivaldi with MSB dac IV (any version you did) ? Can u share some thoughts and decisions ?

thanks in advance
I have not heard any of the DAC's you mentioned. However, I think you should add the Trinity Supreme DAC to your list to audition as people have replaced their Vivaldi's with the Trinity DAC. You save on cables too with the Trinity DAC. Please read the link below about the Trinity and the DCS.
I'm going to wait for the LFD DAC5. I owned the DAC3 and should never have sold it. Those units now change hands for money than they were new, even including inflation.So if the DAC5 is more neutral, is less expensive and I can get it on sale or return from LFD4U for around $4k then for me it's a no-brainer.