Super Audio CD

I have not had the opportunity to listen to a Super Audio CD player yet in person and was wondering what people think of them who have experience with them. First off, what do yoiu think of the different models you have experience with and second, do you think that buying one is a better investment than a comprably priced CD player? Related to that is the question of how well those players play normal CDs. Thanks in advance!
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You can see a review I wrote of the Sony SCD 777 at SACD is better than CD from almost anything. As for the Sony with regular CD my Genesis Digital Lens/Mark Levinson #36 D/A combo is better than Sony but it is close call. Hope this helps. Doug
Read user reviews on the two Sony sacd models in under cd players.
Made my system sound better than I ever thought possible. Amazing sound. Expensive though and few disk. I borrowed a friends to try. Can not wait to this format takes off. So natural, relaxed, does not fatigue the ear like cd. It is the first break through tech. that I have seen since the introduction of the cd. Go and listen for yourself