SUP and existing phonostage or new phonostage...

I'm starting from scratch with an analog front end, and my budget is three to four grand. (I moved my old TT to my bakery: virtual systems, opinions please, Village Baker) For a while I was running a modified Rega P2 with an Ortofon 2M Black into the phonostage of my NAD C165BEE preamp and it sounded fabulous. It was when I did those mods and added the new cart that I really became a believer in vinyl! I was almost saddened because all those gigs of music that I've collected (including plenty of hi rez) suddenly became a little lifeless.
So how best to allocate my funds? I'm thinking a nice used table or maybe a Clearaudio Concept, a decent MC, and an SUP using the MM input on the NAD. Or I could try the MC input on the NAD and skip the SUP. From what I've read, though, I'll get the best performance from a good cart with an SUP. What about skipping the transformer and upgrading to a better phonostage? So many options... HELP!

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The concept will most likely not be a major upgrade from the p2. I most def recommend used tt. But be carful - you will want one that has no fuss after it's set up properly since you'll be baking. Maybe a dealer demo? In your price range are the vpi classic and well tempered. I have heard both (not in the same system) and think the wt may be a better sound. I am considering one myself if I don't go down the idler vintage path. That will leave room for a good phono amp and cartridge. If the nad has a MC phono - spend your money on the best tt and cart if you plan to upgrade. If you have not tweaked out the p2 yet (brass footers/maple platform or equivalent) save money and do that - it may make a big difference - then spend money on a great phono and cart.