Sunny Cables "Wow"

Browsing through Stereo Times and saw these.
We'll probably be hearing more about these in the near future.

Now, don't be mad if ya can't afford-em, just a read folks.

Website is still under constuction, so not everything is up and running.

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"Browsing through Stereo Times and saw these."

Last month it was the VD cables, this month Sunny, next month there'll be another new one.
My grandmother used to repeat an old saying (maybe one of Ben Franklin's?): a fool and his money are soon parted...
Like I said, it's just a read, I'm not telling anyone to go rush out and buy them.
Yeah, I was browsing, they are insanely $$$$
One of us needs to buy a set, try them and report back. Any volunteers?
They had a big HT demo at CEDIA.

They may be fabulous but I'll never know as I could never pay the price of admission. But then again the extremely well heeled may find them to their liking. They just don't make my cost benefit ratio:<). BTW: When was the last time you saw cables priced individually? Multiply all prices by 2. Ouch!
Sunny cables seems a bit shady!
Anyone checked the cost of living and doing buisness in Orinda, Ca. lately ? I'll wait until the company moves to cheaper place to offer their goods. Might cut the cable price by 90%.

What a terrible name.
They sound bright to me.