Sunfire Ultimate Receiver or B&K 507?

I am torn by this decision. Does anyone have any feedback? Thank you so much.
I have the same question.
Any feedback would be welcome.
I too am in the same boat and have not been able to find a dealer with the sunfire ultimate in stock. There are three dealers in town, and none of them have carried it. I have heard the B&K, but with the combination of the Theater Grand III and the sunfire amp, I think the sunfire is going to handle HT better then the B&K. Both are great pieces, but I am leaning towards the sunfire.
I own two of the best Receiver and they are Bob Carver ultimate receiver 200 watts per channel at 7.1 channel, Now if Sunfire is even close to that of Bob carver then you should have a nice deal and by looking at the Sunfire Receiver they are so close to that Bob carver ultimate receiver from the back almost the same in design .Good luck