Sunfire Ultimate Receiver or Adcom GFR-700

I moved from a Sony STR-DA555ES to a Harman Kardon AVR635 and now I'm looking to move up again. Since both of these receivers cost around the same now, which one would you go with and why.

PS I have a Sony Blue-Ray, Escient with a sony ES 400 disc changer and a newer hi-def TV plus an older Toshiba DVR all hooked up right now.
Neither of them will decode the lossless audio codecs, or any of the new codecs for that matter on your Blu-ray player, nor will they switch HDMI. Consider that you are buying outdated gear and this is why they are/should be cheap.

I would argue that a newer receiver that does the new codecs will sound better, even if it is of lower quality, than either will sound with just DD and DTS. I would look into the new Onkyo line and wait for the big boys to catch up....

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