Sunfire Ultimate Receiver II

Hi all!

I am having problem with my Sunfire Ultimate Receiver II. The OSD (On Screen Display) does not show up on the TV. Does anyone know much about OSD and why it does not work?

I believe I connected the cable from the receiver to the TV correctly. Any of you have this same kind of receiver?

I don't think the UR II sends the onscreen menu via HDMI, if this is how you connected it to your TV, then you'll need to run a second connection to the set to display this.
Hi KennyT,

Actually, I used the S-Video cable to connect from the receiver to the TV but did not work. I also tried the composite single cable from the receiver to the TV and that did not work as well. The UR II does not have HDMI connection on the back.
Your right, I was thinking of the TG5, I don't remember if their is a way to turn off the onscreen menu, did you check the manual for such a feature?